Yes, we have 7 pets

Whenever people visit our house, they always ask us how many animals. We always reply, "2 dogs, 3 cats, one fish and a snail." Then the usual response is, "You have 3 cats!!!"

I have always been a dog person. My family had at least one when growing up. When I was about 10 or 11, my sister talked my parents into keeping a kitten that she found. I think cats are cute but dogs are much more fun. I used to think cats weren't loyal until I met Gus and Grant.

When Jeff and I met, we each had pets. In 2008, I had Lucky, Hip Hop and my fish. I had a hamster named Daisy. She was adorable but required too much cleaning. Laura was just 2 so everything was really busy. Then I met Jeff who had Gus and Grant - both cats.

I found it attractive that he had pets. It proved he was responsible and caring on some level. When Gus and Grant first moved in, they were shy. Especially Grant. I was a bit nervous how my cat would act but they all worked it out. Lucky, my dog, just looked at me as if saying, "Really Jessica?"

Both Gus and Grant are the most loyal cats I've ever met. As soon as they hear Jeff's car, they run to greet him. When he sits, they both cuddle up to him and lay on him. I swear they say "Dad" when they meow. During the day when he's at work, they sleep and want an occasional pet. They meow when hungry but for the most part tucked away sleeping in a corner.

Now Jeff might be the cat whisperer, but I'm the dog person. I've had Lucky for ten years. She's smart, affectionate, stubborn and protective. Lucky also has epilepsy. She is on medicine but still gets seizures sometimes.

Jeff got Lady for me in May 2008. At the SPCA, I wandered around teary eyed wishing that I could take them all. Then I stopped at one cage and saw this cuddly looking black dog in the corner. I stopped.

The dog came quietly over hanging her head low. She sat down without raising her head but looked up to me with warm, patient brown eyes. My heart melted and knew she was it. Her name is Lady and she was just 4. When they brought her out for us to meet her, she came over, put her front legs on my wheelchair footrest and her head gently on my lap.

Lady follows me wherever I go. She likes to go out with us and can easily walk next to you without a leash in the right setting. She also looks like a teddy bear when she needs a hair cut. I can't believe she just turned 8.

All of our animals are important to us. Laura loves them and helps feed them. It's hard watching Lucky age. She has accidents now and never did before. The night Israel died, I think Lucky held it in for almost 48 hours!!! All we can do is give her the best we can and love her.

We will probably always have one dog and one cat for the rest of our lives.


  1. My first reaction actually was " You have a snail?" I think you are the first person I know to have a snail as a pet.


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