Monday, May 7, 2012

Missing teeth and TSA

I know I haven't written in a few weeks. Like most Moms, I need two of me. One that can devote time to writing and career stuff, and one that can devote time to the house, Laura and Jeff. But that won't happen so I'll just do the best that I can with who I am.

Laura has lost two teeth now. The first one was during lunch before going to Florida. I had tears in my eyes simply because she's my baby. It's exciting to see her grow and at the same, hard to see her grow.

We did go to Florida for a week to visit my brother. I can't stand flying because the thought of an accident is terrifying. However, I don't hate it enough not to go anywhere.

Since I'm in a wheelchair, I need to get a TSA pat down. TSA pat downs have been on the news lots because people feel they are inappropriate and unjust. I, on the other hand, think they are necessary. The moment terrorists figure out people with wheelchairs might not have proper screening, they will use it to their advantage.

I don't like the pat downs though. Jeff hates seeing them handle me and just about touching my private areas. In Philadelphia, they were combing through my hair and taking samples of my hands. Some are more extreme than others. I just want the flight to be as safe as possible.

We arrived safe and sound. The flight was delayed though and delayed even more when the GPS on the plane needed tweaking. We like to fly Southwest. The prices and baggage prices are reasonable. They always put us on first. Laura is very good at travel. She loves to fly and entertains herself with a leapster, iPod and a doll. She did ask me quite frequently if we were there yet. The flight was just short 3 hours.

The week went by fast. I was apprehensive because we were staying at Andy and Kristi's house instead of a hotel. However, all was fine. Laura swam everyday, was helpful & polite, gets a long great with my brother and Kristi.

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