Best date.

My first date with Jeff was not only romantic but fun. To think I almost didn't speak to him at all because of spam. The famous saying goes once you stop trying to meet the right guy, he shows up so unexpectedly. This was true in my case.

I decided to stop dating for awhile. I was just enjoying being single and being a mommy. I thought in a few months I would start again.

But then Jeff wrote me an email on MySpace saying that I was cute and should talk sometime. I almost deleted it because it sounded like spam. However, I just ignored it and a few days later, something told me to write back. I did. Then we started talking on yahoo messenger.

I found Jeff to be very interesting, unique,and outgoing. He is not a do nothing guy and not lazy. I am very active and did not want any laziness. I laughed to myself because he was 29 and I was 33. I never dated a guy more than a few months younger than me let alone years!

Jeff was in the same state of mind that I was in. He was very clear that he was sick of fake relationships and wanted the real deal. I hardly ever call a guy but at the end of a long conversation online for some crazy reason, I told him I wanted to call him right then. And I did!!

Calling people is one of my things I dread. Even being Ms. Wheelchair PA, I could deliver speeches but hated phone calls. My speech isn't terrible but I fear and anticipate being judged on my speech. Jeff did fine understanding me and finds my speech endearing.

Jeff asked me out on a date but for the following week. I'll never live down that I suggested to meet sooner so we knew if we liked each other in person. I didn't want to really like him or vice versa and meet and find out it wasn't going to work. He says I just wanted to get rid of him sooner.

Our first date was about 4 days after we first spoke. My friend babysat Laura and I was so nervous. I knew I was in trouble because I already enjoyed talking to him, finding his emails and just knowing him. He made me smile.

We met at the Iron Hill Restaurant. I could feel my heart beating and my hands were cold. He was there - right on time waiting for me outside. It was an unseasonably warm but cloudy November day. I didn't even wear a jacket.

As I drove up the ramp to the restaurant, I saw him and was pleasantly surprised how cute he was. His picture didn't do him justice. Jeff asked me beforehand about feeding me and what I needed done at the restaurant. Things went so smooth. Conversation flowed and we were both smiling and laughing.

Having a guy feed you on the first date is hard. Jeff helped make it comfortable. When all was done, he walked me to my van and asked if he could hug me. With little resistance, I agreed happily. I still remember how it felt.

Six months later, he proposed......


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