Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jessica's coupon tips

Before I used coupons, I had outrageous grocery bills and used generic items that weren't really that great. Then I really wanted to save money, so I started using coupons. Shortly after I started using coupons, the show came out Extreme Couponing and motivated me and taught me more how to save more.

I impress myself how much my bank account has at the end of the month when it used to have nothing. On average, I have 50-70 percent savings at the end of the shopping trip.

My strategy:
- Get coupons by the newspaper and online.
- Organize coupons in a binder divided by category and few stores. Keeping coupons organized is imperative or you will be lost. Once a week, I go through my binder to take out the expired and restock.
- Look at the ads in the flyers and match up your coupon to the deals. For example, if something is on sale for $1.50 and you have a fifty cent off coupon for it and the store doubles, you can get it for fifty cents!!!
- Most grocery stores double up to a dollar. Check your store policy prior to shopping.
- Make a plan. Check the ads and get your coupons ready for that store.
- If you can live without it for a week, don't buy something for full price.
- Have fun. Think about it as a game and think how happy you will be when it says how much you saved at the end. 
In addition to cutting coupons, get the Saving Star App and once you save $5, you can get it put into your checking account, paypal account or as an Amazon coupon. 

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