Reading Phillies

Last night we went to the Reading Phillies game. We had a great time two years ago so we went again this year. The Reading Phillies is the minor league baseball team to the Philadelphia Phillies. My dad, sister, nephew were going to join the three of us but then the heat set in.

It soared up to 97 degrees yesterday. My dad canceled because of the heat, but my sister and nephew still went. Earlier that day, we went to breakfast and then while Jeff mowed the lawn, Laura and I played in the sprinkler (trying to keep my wheelchair controllers dry) and pulled weeds. I admit that it was feeling toasty.

We met my family at the park. We all wore cool clothes and prepared for heat. Ironically all the handicapped parking spaces were filled, but we were the only ones in handicapped seating!! Absolutely shameful and ridiculous. We had to walk a distance which isn't terrible but not the safest in a large hot group, a wheelchair and a 5 year old.

I took my tray for the buffet. For $12 a person, you can get an all you can eat buffet from 6-8:30. I had a hard time eating due to heat, but everyone else ate lots. The handicapped seating was excellent. We were almost on the field. Seeing was no problem.

My nephew is 9 and Laura is 5. They get along great. Laura made signs for the game out of construction paper,tape and sticks. She made one for everyone and liked cheering the team on. The Reading Phillies won!!

I like looking at fireworks but jump at the bang. Cerebral palsy makes your body react to sounds more than someone else. I was concerned that the post game fireworks would be too much for me. Jeff has a belief in me that I can't explain. He crumpled up napkins and put them in my ears.

To my surprise, it worked! The fireworks were beautiful and right overhead. I jumped a little bit but mainly just enjoyed them. Laura loved them too.

After the fireworks, my sister and nephew went home but we stayed fora Dave Matthews Tribute Band. It sure beat fighting through hundreds of people and sitting in traffic. Laura loved it and danced with us! We had a ball.

My suggestions:
- get to the stadium early for handicap parking
- drink lots
- bring bug repellent - lots of gnats until stadium lights go on
- they do have family bathrooms
- have fun


  1. I love the Reading Phillies games way better than the Philadelphia Phillies! It is family oriented and most often the people that go to the games are nice too.

  2. Um, many that have disabled parking placards may have can't walk very long distances, but don't use a wheelchair... but yes, I agree it's shameful. (Another wheelchair user with CP)


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