Summer is about change

Laura has graduated from pre school and will be entering Kindergarten in August. Little milestones like these are important to a parent as well as a child. It's been a world full of changes the last two months. But I guess that is all part life we are guaranteed - change.

The weeks between school being out and camp were busy. We did lots of art projects, reading, teaching reading, baking, playing, going to the library and swimming. Yesterday was her first day of camp at the YMCA kinder camp. It's all day between 9-4.

I'm getting used to it slowly but I have to say that I'm not a huge fan. For five years, I have devoted my life around Laura. Now she's gone during most of the day, I feel lost and worried about her. It's a new phase. Part of the reason why I let Laura to go to camp, so we can get used to her being gone all day.

So my plan is to be the best writer I can be, volunteer somewhere, look for a job, volunteer at Vacation Bible School and practice hockey. I wish she could text and just let me know how she's doing. But I need to trust I give her all the tools that she needs to be successful and happy.


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