Monday, July 2, 2012

Hockey and my Laura

My weekend was very nice. On Friday, we went to the Reading Phillies game. I already blogged about the game if you scroll down.

On Saturday, I went to hockey practice, blogged lots, and spent time with my Dad and Laura. I belong to the Philadelphia PowerPlay which is a motorized wheelchair hockey team. I've been playing for one year and a few months. I was chosen to help represent the team in Canada in August. We've been practicing pretty much every Saturday since the beginning of June.

I like playing hockey because it is high energy, mentally and physically fulfilling. I feel even to the other players because we all use motorized chairs. I felt more confident playing during the regular season than now. The talent from the other players is amazing. Sometimes I feel inadequate but the coaches give positive feedback so I guess I'm not terrible.

My Dad watches Laura for me when I play hockey. She gets bored. They had a great time and Laura wanted to sleepover. They came to my house around dinner time to take me to dinner because Jeff had to work until 10. Unfortunately, Laura had a sudden belly ache. She said she was hungry so we tried the restaurant.

Big mistake. She knew she was going to be sick. I told her to run to the bathroom and I zoomed behind her. Poor girl. She threw up right before she got to the bathroom. She was so embarrassed but I told her that it happened to me too. We wiped her tears, she cleaned herself and we went home.

Laura slept well and was all better the next day. There is something sweet when she's sick. She sat in my lap, put her head on my shoulder, hugging me. It's nice to offer some small comfort to her uncomfortable feeling. Laura means everything to me.

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