I'm pregnant!

On July 12, I found out that my life had changed. God has blessed us with a second baby. I couldn't believe my eyes when that second line came up quickly on the test. I felt so happy and terrified all at once. And of course, shocked.

Jeff is very happy but was shocked as well. We've talked about having a baby for a long time but when it actually happens, it's surreal. Laura was 2 when Jeff met her so this time, it'll be from day one. My fear is nighttime. Babies don't really sleep so good at night and I'm not a big help during infancy from a physical standpoint. So that should be interesting how that plays out.

I am soon going to be 37 and have spastic athetoid cerebral palsy. So both of our concerns are about how pregnancy will affect my body this time around. The first time, I was sick in the stomach about all nine months. My arms hurt so bad about the 7-9 month because they swell instead of my ankles. Other than that, it was pretty normal.

I am almost 6 weeks along now. My lower back aches, my CP acts crazy at night so I don't really sleep and I use the bathroom more frequently. No sickness yet but I know it can hit any moment so I'm trying to eat as much as I can now. Whenever I eat, I think about how good or not good for the baby. I am also taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid so I'm trying to keep us both healthy.

Unfortunately, the second day I knew I was pregnant, I was hit hard with a cold. It kind of took away from the excitement but now I'm feeling better and can get back in the game.

Laura is besides herself excited. In a way, I wish we told her when I was further along because 9 months is a long time. However, she needed to know to be more gentle and know why I might act a bit different. Plus she would have caught on to conversations and body changes.

Laura made the baby a box and puts little crafts in it and toys. She's so adorable. Every morning she asks me how many more days and always says, "well that's one less than yesterday!" She also kisses my stomach and likes when I tell her about fetal development. I think she will be an amazing big sister.

In fact, the baby now has a heartbeat. I think it's truly amazing. Of course I still know its early and anything can happen. Each morning I wake up and thank God for letting me have one more day with him or her.


  1. You've made a very happy Babci & Dziadzi!!
    Please know that we're here and will be there, whenever you need us!! Don't be afraid to call at any time. You know that Laura is welcome here any time as well.
    Love ya!!!!!

  2. Congrats on your pregnancy. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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