Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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When Laura was born, I simply couldn't imagine loving anyone as much as her. Now with another on the way, I wonder how it's possible to love like that double. Yet I already love this baby and put thought into all I eat and do to keep him or her healthy. I know it is possible because obviously there are families of even 10 plus children and have loving parents.

I've been catching myself spending more quality time playing with Laura. She's been the only one for almost six years. That and she is going to full day Kindergarten next month. I feel every moment is precious.We've experienced death, independence, growing, learning and a new family in those years. We have quite a bond. Our bond will grow even deeper with the new family member.

Last night we played hospital with her baby dolls. I love hearing her little voice come up with these great ideas and stories. She talked about surgery, shots, and heart monitors. It's really funny to hear it from her.

She's also the most caring kid I know. I have a bag in my closet where I keep little gifts for Laura like stickers, markers and little toys. I let her pick one on days she's been exceptionally good. Well, one night she went back in her room with a zip loc bag. She was back there for awhile and came out with a bag.

Laura covered both sides with construction paper so you couldn't see inside. She put in pencils, erasers and other odds and ends of hers. She had me help her write surprise bag and gave it to her older cousin. Her loving generosity makes me so proud that my eyes tear up.

Last week one of her favorite camp counselors had to quit because she got a new job. Laura was so sad and cried. She then went in her room and came back out with beautiful paper full of hearts. Asked me to write, "Marissa, I love you because you were the best camp counselor. I'll never forget you.". How sweet!!!

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  1. Laura is an incredibly special child and I'm not saying that because I'm her Babci. Everyone who meets her, even strangers, love her instantly. She is the most caring, loving, sensitive and kind child I've ever met and I've met many as a mother, grandmother, teacher, nanny,friend and now innkeeper. You are an incredible mother, Jessica and thank God, you're going to be able to do it all over again. Please don't be afraid, I'm here to help in any way that you need me.

    Your other mom