Wednesday, August 29, 2012

37 candles and a crazy birthday

On Monday I turned 37 years old! I don't feel 37 but then again, what does 37 feel like? I feel pretty good to still be alive considering my shaky entry into the world. I came out breech and alone. The doctor wasn't present causing me not to breathe. Luckily, another doctor saw me and ran in to revive me. The lack of oxygen caused cerebral palsy.

Jeff and Laura decided to celebrate my birthday on Sunday. They thought since he had to work and she had school, it would be better. They got me a necklace with a locket that says Mom in shape of a heart. Also a manicure plus pedicure gift certificate.

I'm a bit apprehensive about the gift certificate simply because of my involuntary movements. I had a manicure at my wedding and it wasn't the easiest. But Jeff thought it would be nice for me to do. We will see!

They also got me a chocolate ice cream cake! It was very tasty.

My actual birthday wasn't very good. It was pouring when I woke Laura up for school. Rain shouldn't be that big of a deal but when you can't put on a jacket, your wheelchair might break from being too wet, and your ramp becomes so slippery that your chair slides - rain isn't fun.

I had Laura wait at the bus stop herself as I watched from my house. Not far at all.. However, her bus stop changed and was on the other side. She was confused and ended up missing the bus.

My attendant and I ended up taking her to school. She comes at 8 so Laura was 15 min late and marked tardy. Later in the morning, I took my van in the shop because it was shaking. Here it needed new brakes, new tire, and a water pump. Certainly didn't expect all that or the bill that went with it. We were there most of the day.

When I returned home, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my dad. That made me smile. Then my second attendant went to pick up Laura from school only to find out she went by bus. The pick up line was so long too. We got back in time and I met her at the bus.

When she got off, her little eyes and face were red. I knew she was crying. She buried her head in my lap. She explained that the bus drove past our street but didn't stop. She was scared that she was forgotten. Laura made me promise to always pick her up. I did.

The evening went better. Jeff got me my favorite pizza and we all relaxed. My morning attendant said she would come in an hour early when Jeff goes in early to help me out. It's good especially rain and I don't look so haggered in the morning at the bus stop.


  1. Happy birthday, Jessica! I'm sorry to hear about some of the challenges you had to deal with. Laura sounds like a very sweet girl! If you ever want to blog on a larger platform or just get involved with a community of people affected by cerebral palsy, check out Cerebral Palsy Family Network. We'd love to have you!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I second your emotions, rain sucks.