First week of school

Well, we survived the first week of school. The first day she went on the bus I cried after it left. I admit even on the third day as I walk back home, I feel a grip of sadness in my chest.

The first day I had help getting her off to the bus. The last two days Laura and I managed and did quite well. Unfortunately, as I get bigger in the pregnancy, getting in my chair is going to be harder. I get on my bed and then slide in my wheelchair. Then Laura helps me fasten my seatbelt and put down my foot rest. When I have a pretty pregnant belly, I am not sure I can even get in bed myself so I need to come up with solutions.

This week the bus came pretty early but next week it comes about 20min later. So we can both get a little more sleep. She wakes up pretty easily and showers plus dresses herself. She's very particular about her hair too. Then we go in the dining room and she eats cereal, rice cake and juice. Then we go out to the bus stop.

I like the special time in the morning. It's calm and flows very well. I'm only concerned about rainy weather. My wheelchair shouldn't get too wet, I can't put a rain jacket on myself and our ramp is hard to get up when wet. (Our contractor put it in not in code. We are working to resolve this but it's slow going.) Also, as I get bigger, getting in my chair might be a problem.

Laura likes school. This morning she told me that she misses me because she always misses me when I'm away. I said something positive to make her feel good. Walking back without her is sad. But I remind myself she's learning and growing. Her teacher thinks she's wonderful.


  1. Wish I had more time to read your posts. I enjoy all of them You are such an incredible young woman and I'm so glad that you came into our lives.
    Please let me help you in any way possible.

    Love you,
    Your other Mom


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