Monday, August 20, 2012

Kindergarten crazy

As most  parents read this, you'll probably think I'm nuts. I feel crazy myself actually. I thought I'd write a quick blog before bed.

I can't seem to stop crying about Laura going to kindergarten. It happens at night and just hits out of no where. This is something I always knew was coming and even teared up a year ago just thinking about it. I never let her know and keep the excitement alive.

Why am I so emotional? I'm pregnant but can't even blame it all on that. I'm afraid of her safety on and off the bus. Why aren't there seat belts on buses? All 5 years she has been safely secure in a booster or car seat. Now her under 40 pound body will be on a bus without seat belts.

I'm not good with dramatic change when saying goodbye to someone I love. Yes, I'll see her at night but after devoting 18+ hours a day around her, this is a huge change.

I know logically she'll be fine and happy. It's just my emotions take over. I'm praying I'll be ok to see her off Wednesday because I know if I show any sadness then it'll be all over for her. And I definitely do not want to ruin it for Laura!

Pray for me!

1 comment:

  1. It's so hard when they grow up on you like that. Hang in there.


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