Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The baby is a boy

When I was pregnant with Laura, I had a hard time finding an OB doctor. Many refused me because they were scared of cerebral palsy. I guess they saw lawsuit instead of a person. I did find one and he was very good. This time around he stopped taking my health insurance a week before I called him.

Jeff's mom recommended a doctor to give a try. She said that they were very good. I switched my insurance and started going there in mid September. I was nervous. You never know how people will react or think. I haven't seen or know of many women with cerebral palsy who are pregnant the second time.

They led me to a handicap accessible exam room. I was beginning to feel better. I read about these rooms but never saw one. The room was big and the exam table was lower. The nurse talked to me and understood me. Jeff put me on the table and found out that you could adjust the table to make it more comfortable.

The doctor knew right away I had cerebral palsy and asked me questions. She didn't seem to have any problem and the exam felt painless.

Yesterday I met with a fetal specialist. I was under the impression it was just to tell me everything that could go wrong. I met with the genetic counselor who did just that but was nice about it. I told her I didn't want anymore prenatal testing because I wasn't going to abort no matter what. I said if knowing anything was wrong would help in delivery, then maybe, but she said it wouldn't impact delivery. That took an hour.

After the counselling, she said she was going to send me down the hall for an ultrasound. I was surprised and felt so bad for Jeff. I had an ultrasound scheduled later that day and Jeff adjusted his schedule to go. But the woman said it would be easier this way and then the other doctor could talk to me.

The ultrasound room was again very accessible. My attendant easily helped me on the table. As fast as the technician put the wand on my belly, a baby appeared. The baby was moving around and kicking the little legs. It was amazing to watch and think that person was in me.

She asked me if I wanted to know the gender. I said yes and she told me the baby was a boy! I had a feeling along with many others. I just felt bad Jeff wasn't there to enjoy the moment.

The doctor came in and was nice. She told me he was perfect and not to worry about weight because he looked great. She said to eat what I can and when I can but all is good. When I reach 30 weeks, I might need shots of blood thinner if I don't move as much so I don't get blood clots. Other than that, I'm set. When I reach 20 weeks, I go back for a more comprehensive ultrasound.

As a surprise for Jeff, I stopped at Target and got an adorable newborn outfit. I put it in a gift bag with the ultrasound pictures. I didn't tell him anything even though he tried until he got home. Then I gave him the bag and he was happy. We would've been happy either way but it's nice to have one of each!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Adjusting to school and proud karate mommy

Big adjustments and big changes are going on. I'm still getting pregnancy sickness and need to be careful. Making sure I'm eating and eating right is important. I'm also more emotional especially at night. Jeff looks at me like I'm nuts sometimes because I cry and laugh at the same time.

Laura is still adjusting to being at school all day. By mid week she is done with it. So am I but she has to do it. She does enjoy school though and is learning.

On Thursday, I discussed with Laura about a funeral I needed to attend on Saturday. She bursted out in tears saying that we never see each other. She begged me not to go. I ended up not going after lots of thinking and discussing.

On Friday, she had karate after school but at school. Parents are welcome to come and watch. So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I was a few minutes late because I went to the wrong building and then saw a friend of mine. When I went in, I looked at Laura. Her little face was beat red and eyes were teary. I mouthed to he what was wrong and she ran to me.

She cried in my arm about how long the day was and she didn't like karate. I found this surprising since she couldn't wait for it all summer. Then she whispered that she had a little issue needing to be taken care of in the bathroom. Her instructors were very nice and offered to return my money. Luckily I had a change of clothes in her bag and took her to the bathroom.

We talked about it was a long time between bathroom break and karate. I told her that no one will know since they are uniform pants and she can jump right back in. She was still apprehensive. We walked out and it looked easy for Laura to get back in and her friend encouraged her to join the group.

I was very proud when she went back in. Laura had a big smile and no one knew what had happened. Afterwards, she was disappointed to hear that she only had karate once a week!!!

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