Monday, September 10, 2012

Adjusting to school and proud karate mommy

Big adjustments and big changes are going on. I'm still getting pregnancy sickness and need to be careful. Making sure I'm eating and eating right is important. I'm also more emotional especially at night. Jeff looks at me like I'm nuts sometimes because I cry and laugh at the same time.

Laura is still adjusting to being at school all day. By mid week she is done with it. So am I but she has to do it. She does enjoy school though and is learning.

On Thursday, I discussed with Laura about a funeral I needed to attend on Saturday. She bursted out in tears saying that we never see each other. She begged me not to go. I ended up not going after lots of thinking and discussing.

On Friday, she had karate after school but at school. Parents are welcome to come and watch. So, of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I was a few minutes late because I went to the wrong building and then saw a friend of mine. When I went in, I looked at Laura. Her little face was beat red and eyes were teary. I mouthed to he what was wrong and she ran to me.

She cried in my arm about how long the day was and she didn't like karate. I found this surprising since she couldn't wait for it all summer. Then she whispered that she had a little issue needing to be taken care of in the bathroom. Her instructors were very nice and offered to return my money. Luckily I had a change of clothes in her bag and took her to the bathroom.

We talked about it was a long time between bathroom break and karate. I told her that no one will know since they are uniform pants and she can jump right back in. She was still apprehensive. We walked out and it looked easy for Laura to get back in and her friend encouraged her to join the group.

I was very proud when she went back in. Laura had a big smile and no one knew what had happened. Afterwards, she was disappointed to hear that she only had karate once a week!!!


  1. I just love these postings as I feel so much more in touch with your, Laura & Jeff's daily lives.

    Please tell Laura, that I would appreciate not getting "karate chopped" the next time I see her!!


  2. Lovely to find your blog! Your daughter is beautiful and congratulations on your pregnancy x Bron

  3. Per-sis-tence just like her Mama! Here's to our big girls (: