Monday, October 15, 2012

Free labels

For a limited time, you can by Christmas or holiday labels for free at Vistaprint! Only pay $3.63 for shipping and get 140 labels. You can use it for Christmas cards or to and from labels. I got mine!

Pushover or being nice?

I've been accused of being a pushover. I know that there can be worse things to be called. However, it made me think - are you really being a pushover when you are telling someone how you feel yet being nice about the situation?

Yes, I've been known to allow people to bully me to get their way even though deep down I don't agree. We all have. I think there is a huge difference between continually doing this compared to being reasonable and kind. Of course the exception would be physical/mental/sexual and any other kind of abuse.

If you always get what you want, then your the bully or mean person. If you're nice and try to be within reason, you are a pushover.

All I know is to stand behind your gut. Treat others you would like to be treated. No one likes a bully - even the bully themselves. Be assertive when necessary but think about the big picture. It's ridiculous to make a fuss over a small problem because you might find yourself standing alone.

Like the Rolling Stones say, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes - you get what you need."

God Bless.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Yes, I'm pregnant and have severe cerebral palsy

Last week I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled. As I was waiting, I asked the pharmacist of any suggestions he had as far as coughing. He asked about any conditions I had. I told him cerebral palsy and I was pregnant. He had this look of confusion, disgust, and disbelief. He immediately scanned my stomach with his eyes like he had x ray vision. Then he shook his head, looked down and mumbled to ask my doctor.

People have a difficult time dealing with people with disabilities living a non disabled life. I don't know if it's because it makes us more common than what they thought. Yes, we eat, sleep, cry, have sex and function like you but might need help or adaptations.

I felt for Laura on Friday when I went to watch her karate class. When I came in, I heard a classmate ask her what was I doing there in a teasing way. I heard Laura say she's my mom and she came to watch me. The boy stopped knowing Laura was serious.

It is natural to be curious about differences. However, it would be nice if people didn't assume the worse when seeing a disability.

My CP isn't mild by any means so I do tend to stand out. I need fed, and all that fun personal care stuff. So I guess seeing me pregnant is unique but it's nice to just hear "congratulations!" instead of being looked like I'm an alien.

17 weeks along pregnant and cerebral palsy

I am now 17 weeks pregnant. In many ways, the pregnancy is going fast and someways slow. Morning sickness is finally getting better although there are some foods I avoid. Plus I can't let myself get too hungry. But compared to a month ago, I'm doing a lot better.

Unfortunately, almost two weeks ago I caught a very nasty cough. It's honestly the worst cough I've had in my life and I'm sick a lot. It's been scary because I lose my breath, wheeze, or just can't control my cough. It has also caused me to vomit or lose bladder control from force alone of the cough.

I've been to two doctors who tell me it's been going around and nothing can be done. It's gotten better then worse then better etc. Today my nose has been stuffy. Tomorrow I see my OB doctor for a routine visit so I'm going to ask her.

Jeff and Laura have been great. I know my coughing scares them both. At night I hold Jeff's hand as I cough and it makes me feel calm. Sometimes the sheer cough makes my muscles ache! No fever though. No one else has caught it either.

I was obviously concerned about my little man but everything I read says he's fine in the amniotic fluid. It still makes me nervous because I'm a mommy!!

Paper towel deal

If interested in buying paper towels without going to the store, check this deal out at Staples. You can get a 12 pack of Bounty Basic for $8 with free shipping. That is less than $1 a roll. The offer expires October 13.

I picked a pack up. I try to avoid any shipping costs when buying online. I also like to save money so anytime I can find a good deal, I get it if I can afford it. With another baby on the way, saving money is imperative.

How society views people who have cerebral palsy

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