Monday, October 8, 2012

17 weeks along pregnant and cerebral palsy

I am now 17 weeks pregnant. In many ways, the pregnancy is going fast and someways slow. Morning sickness is finally getting better although there are some foods I avoid. Plus I can't let myself get too hungry. But compared to a month ago, I'm doing a lot better.

Unfortunately, almost two weeks ago I caught a very nasty cough. It's honestly the worst cough I've had in my life and I'm sick a lot. It's been scary because I lose my breath, wheeze, or just can't control my cough. It has also caused me to vomit or lose bladder control from force alone of the cough.

I've been to two doctors who tell me it's been going around and nothing can be done. It's gotten better then worse then better etc. Today my nose has been stuffy. Tomorrow I see my OB doctor for a routine visit so I'm going to ask her.

Jeff and Laura have been great. I know my coughing scares them both. At night I hold Jeff's hand as I cough and it makes me feel calm. Sometimes the sheer cough makes my muscles ache! No fever though. No one else has caught it either.

I was obviously concerned about my little man but everything I read says he's fine in the amniotic fluid. It still makes me nervous because I'm a mommy!!

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