Why I am thankful this Thanksgiving

This year has been very good for us. We started the year with a new kitchen,dining room, deck and bathroom. We went to Washington DC in January. In April, we visited my brother in Florida. For our anniversary, we went to the beach for a day. And in August, we went to the Poconos (wasn't the best trip but memorable.) Lastly, we just went to Virginia and had a blast. Yes, we like to travel.

Laura went from pre school to Kindergarten in a blink of an eye. She grows more beautiful inside and out everyday. Her intellect dazzles everyone and now she's reading. Her favorite subjects are math, science and art. Laura developed swimming skills and is doing great in Karate. We couldn't be more proud of her. Although I do feel sad to see her grow up, it's amazing to watch her blossom.

Jeff and I settled quite nicely and comfortably in married life. We have the type of marriage that I dreamed of having. We discuss conflicts and come out even more united. We move in the same direction and never leave the other behind. He's funny, smart, goal driven, active and ambitious. Jeff and I make a great team and also compliment each other. I can be set in routines and organization then he's spontaneous and reminds me to enjoy life.

We became pregnant in June. Pregnancy has been a bumpy road filled with morning sickness, coughing spells and quicker bathroom visits. However, we are having an amazing little boy in March. We are both healthy and on the right track. My mother in law pointed me in the direction of great doctors who have never looked at cerebral palsy as a problem, but just an aspect of me.

Career wise isn't so bad neither. Jeff is happy for the most part being a supervisor. Even though I'd love a full time teaching job, I find much satisfaction in teaching one on one twice a week, teaching fourth grade Catholicism on Sundays, writing, volunteering, caring for the house, being a wife and a mother.

So this has been a great year. Thank God each day for my life, family and friends!


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