Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday and beta fish - dec 12

Today my Dad turned 64. I taught Zef today and he was tired. I have a feeling that he is catching a cold. Julie paid me. Jeff and I took Zef to Old Country Buffet for lunch before my OB appointment. He loved it the first time but the second time not so much.

Afterwards we stopped at a pet store to buy some things for our fish tank. Our fish wasn't looking so good. We had him since March but he just seemed not too good. The snail died and algae built up.

When we got home, Jeff made stuffed peppers for my dad. We had dinner, cake, and present time. When everyone left I helped Laura with her homework. After she went to bed, Jeff and I watched the concert for Hurricane Sandy.

Our fish died and Jeff ran out to get one that looked just like Jayden. Then he met his mom to get tickets for a casino.

Unfortunately, the new fish also died. Laura cried but she took it well. We are giving up on fish for awhile. We do better with our dogs and cats.

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