Changing the rooms

Today Laura and Jeff switched Laura's room to what was the office. The baby's room is now Laura's old room. Laura's room was bigger for baby furniture. Also, Laura has a playroom downstairs so she can go downstairs and play.

They started working at 8:30am and ended around 5. It snowed all day so it was a good indoor job. I never saw them work so hard. I felt bad because I did supervise Laura and did tell her where things go, I couldn't do much more.

My mom purchased a baby furniture set from Craigslist for my birthday. I found it yesterday online and my mom checked it out and paid for it. So now our task is getting it to our house.

Jeff then cleared the sidewalks, had dinner and when we put Laura to bed started to watch The Lord of the Rings series. I forgot how long of a movie it is but getting through it.

Tomorrow is baby furniture day!!


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