Newtown CT - dec 14

Today was a sad day. In Newtown,CT a guy killed 20 children and 6 adults plus his mom. The children were in kindergarten and first grade. The teachers died protecting them. The principal and school psychologist were killed.

My thoughts immediately went to Laura. My dad and I were at the Mall when the details came out. It definitely hurt the Christmas spirit. I just wanted to go hug my daughter.

The horror of it is terrible. To think that anyone could go kill 20 kindergarten students, six staff members and his own mom is too much for a heart and spirit. I kept picturing the event, the fear in the students, the sounds and the parents.

When I heard the teachers protecting them and how, I felt like I was there. I was very impressed and touched. I hugged Laura and kissed her all night.

I find myself more patient and loving even every second with her. Life is precious. I feel terrible for the parents and families who lost people. I don't know how they do it.


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