Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! As a child, Christmas Eve was more a frustrating day because of the anticipation of Christmas. It was also a busy day for my parents because they were preparing for our Christmas party and Christmas morning. So I was often bored that day until we got ready for Mass.

Now that I am a parent, my perspective has changed. I enjoy helping Laura anticipate Christmas. We now have a Christmas Eve party to prepare for and excitement is in the air.

This year Jeff and I were exhausted. Laura had a really rough night prior and we basically only slept 3-4 hours. She ate some unusual food that obviously did not agree with her. The poor kid woke me up shortly after midnight in tears because she was sick to her stomach.

Jeff and I worked as a team. I took care of Laura and Jeff had the unpleasant job of cleanup. That meant lots of cleaner and lots of laundry. I got Laura comfortable in the living room, told her stories, held her and reminded her to drink water.

Around 2:30am she fell into a good sleep. Jeff and I were wide awake and sat on the couch to watch our favorite television show. By four, we decided to put Laura back in bed. I also needed sleep because I had to get up early to get a glucose test.

Jeff went to bed around six because he cleaned our humidifier and shower. I got up at 7 and my attendant took me to my glucose test. I'll write more about the test in another blog.

The rest of the day we prepared for the party. Laura laid on the couch recovering but not sick at all. We debated canceling the party, but decided it wasn't the flu or virus. She stopped being sick at two in the morning so I knew all would be safe.

We went to Mass with Jeff's parents and my dad. It was so crowded. After Mass, we relaxed and enjoyed our relatives and had fun!!

Before Laura went to bed, Santa left her a gift of pajamas for herself and a baby doll. How adorable!!

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