Saturday, January 19, 2013

32 weeks pregnant with cerebral palsy

I am now 32 weeks pregnant! Tiredness has crept back into the picture as well as aching joints. Everyone says each pregnancy is different, and that is true. I am just getting excited to finally meet this little guy who likes to do gymnastics in me.

Honestly, if I wasn't sick so much with colds, coughing spells, and sinusitis, the pregnancy has been fairly easy. I experienced a lot more morning sickness carrying Laura. I did have my fair share though especially in the first trimester.

It seems that when the 30th week kicked in so did me really feeling it. I'm quite tired after I do the simplest things. For those who do not know, I often get around on the floor. Prior to pregnancy, I was very fast. But now to go from the living room to the bathroom and back might take 30 minutes. My body pretty much has a constant ache especially at night. Acid reflux is at a high and the baby likes to hang out in my chest/ribs area.

My CP hasn't changed all too much. I might move or stiffen up a little more due to being uncomfortable. The most obvious signs are being slower and relying on others more.

Jeff has been doing fine with my ups and downs. He's handling it better than me. Jeff only really gets frustrated when I insist on doing things myself and has to watch me struggle. I admit that would probably frustrate me as well. However, I like to keep whatever independence I have and romantic dignity alive as long as possible.

I failed the first glucose test and had to take the three hour one. It's the test where you need to drink this syrup orange stuff and then your blood is drawn every hour for three hours. It did take awhile and the first hour really made me feel yucky. But Jeff and I sat and watched Gordon Ramsey on his iPhone and played solitaire. I heard the news Thursday that I passed!

We are all getting excited about seeing the baby. I panicked the other week about not having everything ready. Now we have the nursery furniture, Laura's happy in her new room,and Jeff plus a friend are going to paint and put the furniture together tomorrow. I've been buying clothes, blankets and diapers pretty consistently. I don't have bottles, toys, and the little odds and ends. We do have the big stuff.

So in the next seven weeks, I will try to be humble and ask for help. Try to rest even though I feel guilty not doing much. However, I am trying to stay healthy and hydrated for our son. That is pretty important!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teaching PREP - 1/6/13

I taught my 4th grade Catholic PREP class in the morning. I love teaching and sharing ideas. One of the best things about teaching is answering their questions. I like helping them figure out things and also giving them the information to make choices and praise God.

I can still remember my religion teachers and still have an impact on my faith. Back then, my dad had to carry my clunky manual wheelchair and wooden tray upstairs to the classroom. Then he carried me up all for an hour of class once a week.

I did like being with the other kids. I wasn't too thrilled in sixth grade when the teacher made me sit in front of the class by her desk. Talk about standing out! Other years I was more included and felt better.

Laura enjoys her Kindergarten Prep class and is learning a lot a well. I like answering her questions about God. I like hearing her insight too.

After Prep, we went to Mass and then did a few errands. At home, Laura ate lunch like crazy and her uncle visited for a few minutes. Then we played and did some coupon clipping.

Comfy Saturdays 1/5/13

Jeff and I hung out at home most of the day. He did some cleaning and hanging up pictures. I worked on some writing. It was pretty peaceful. Laura slept over my Dad's house. She enjoys going over there Friday nights and I get some rest time.

Saturday mornings are the only days we can relax and have a slower pace. Laura has school all week and Sundays she has Prep plus I teach.

I was a little disappointed because we had an opportunity to go to Disney on Ice for free, but no one wanted to drive. I was not mad but frustrated i could not just drive Laura myself. Jeff and my Dad offered but I knew they did not want to. Its just hard when you can't drive yourself.

Later in the evening, we showered and attempted to go to Iron Hill. We had a gift card but they were way too busy. So we went to Palermos pizza and ate pizza while chatting.

Laura came home and shortly after we all went to bed.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Les Miserables

On Christmas night, Jeff and I saw Les Miserables in the movie theater. I have been looking forward to seeing it for months. I have seen the play on stage probably about three times and love the story.

Some movie theaters are still not fully up to date with wheelchair seating. They believe if there is a spot for a wheelchair then all is fine. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This particular screening room had wheelchair seating so close to the screen that it was uncomfortable to watch a movie especially one almost three hours.

Luckily, Jeff could transfer me to a regular movie seat. I wasn't as comfortable as I am in my wheelchair, but it was a big improvement from practically sitting on the screen. The difference is that it doesn't have a seatbelt so any involuntary movements from my cerebral palsy might make me fall out of the chair. Plus no side supports makes me not sit up straight.

The movie itself was excellent. I wiggled around quite a bit because cerebral palsy is activated more with emotion or trying to hold emotions together so my body had a workout.

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackson definitely were the best. I found myself singing the songs in my head. Although the movie is long, it sure didn't feel like it. Jeff wasn't familiar with the story as I was, but he thought it was excellent!

From the movie, I felt inspired and reminded about with faith in God, you can conquer most obstacles.

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