Comfy Saturdays 1/5/13

Jeff and I hung out at home most of the day. He did some cleaning and hanging up pictures. I worked on some writing. It was pretty peaceful. Laura slept over my Dad's house. She enjoys going over there Friday nights and I get some rest time.

Saturday mornings are the only days we can relax and have a slower pace. Laura has school all week and Sundays she has Prep plus I teach.

I was a little disappointed because we had an opportunity to go to Disney on Ice for free, but no one wanted to drive. I was not mad but frustrated i could not just drive Laura myself. Jeff and my Dad offered but I knew they did not want to. Its just hard when you can't drive yourself.

Later in the evening, we showered and attempted to go to Iron Hill. We had a gift card but they were way too busy. So we went to Palermos pizza and ate pizza while chatting.

Laura came home and shortly after we all went to bed.


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