Les Miserables

On Christmas night, Jeff and I saw Les Miserables in the movie theater. I have been looking forward to seeing it for months. I have seen the play on stage probably about three times and love the story.

Some movie theaters are still not fully up to date with wheelchair seating. They believe if there is a spot for a wheelchair then all is fine. Unfortunately, that is not the case. This particular screening room had wheelchair seating so close to the screen that it was uncomfortable to watch a movie especially one almost three hours.

Luckily, Jeff could transfer me to a regular movie seat. I wasn't as comfortable as I am in my wheelchair, but it was a big improvement from practically sitting on the screen. The difference is that it doesn't have a seatbelt so any involuntary movements from my cerebral palsy might make me fall out of the chair. Plus no side supports makes me not sit up straight.

The movie itself was excellent. I wiggled around quite a bit because cerebral palsy is activated more with emotion or trying to hold emotions together so my body had a workout.

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackson definitely were the best. I found myself singing the songs in my head. Although the movie is long, it sure didn't feel like it. Jeff wasn't familiar with the story as I was, but he thought it was excellent!

From the movie, I felt inspired and reminded about with faith in God, you can conquer most obstacles.


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