Teaching PREP - 1/6/13

I taught my 4th grade Catholic PREP class in the morning. I love teaching and sharing ideas. One of the best things about teaching is answering their questions. I like helping them figure out things and also giving them the information to make choices and praise God.

I can still remember my religion teachers and still have an impact on my faith. Back then, my dad had to carry my clunky manual wheelchair and wooden tray upstairs to the classroom. Then he carried me up all for an hour of class once a week.

I did like being with the other kids. I wasn't too thrilled in sixth grade when the teacher made me sit in front of the class by her desk. Talk about standing out! Other years I was more included and felt better.

Laura enjoys her Kindergarten Prep class and is learning a lot a well. I like answering her questions about God. I like hearing her insight too.

After Prep, we went to Mass and then did a few errands. At home, Laura ate lunch like crazy and her uncle visited for a few minutes. Then we played and did some coupon clipping.


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