Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 16

Laura and Jeff cleaned the house as I sat and relaxed. These days I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable. Getting around is painful and tiring. Jeff offers to carry me and help me around but sometimes being carried is harder and I worry about falling.

We went to Target to buy Laura some sneakers. It became a fiasco because she didn't like anything we did and was just not happy. I told Jeff that it is sometimes easier to just buy her shoes and give them as a surprise. No fuss. Laura agreed too!

After Target, we ate lunch at Wegmans. Laura likes eating there and watching shows.. We then visited my Mom at the rehab. Her knees are doing much better but feel stiff. Laura enjoyed snuggling with my mom and she liked being with Laura.

On our way home, we dropped her off with my sister to have a craft night. Laura loves to craft. She always did and is very good at it.

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  1. I feel your pain, Jessica. I have a disability called AMC, and I am mom to a three year old boy, with another due in August. I do everything with my feet, so the end of pregnancy gets a little difficult as I'm trying to reach my face with my foot when I brush my teeth, eat, etc. Pregnancy is a real trial for people like us, but it's sure worth it, isn't it?