Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A nice family day

Our Sundays are hectic. I used to teach PREP (Catholic education ) but now I'm on maternity leave. However, Laura still goes to her class. So we need to get Laura ready and take care of Jason. Jeff gets ready, takes Laura to class,I stay with Jason and then eat/get ready when he returns.

We go pick Laura up after class and go to Mass. Within these moments, I really feel our family of four. It's still new but we are getting our stride. I am very proud and impressed that Jeff gets us all ready and on time. We work together and I do help, but the main physical aspects are on him.

Jeff made lunch so we could eat at the park after Mass. We thought it was going to be warm, but it was cold. Laura complained the most. She was cold and complained she had no one to play with.

In no time she was running around having fun. Jason was bundled up as Jeff and I froze. Jeff ate and fed me. Laura ate and then Jeff fed Jason as I took Laura to the swings. We also explored and when we returned to Jeff, we all went for a walk.

Laura said she was having fun and enjoying nature. We visited a whole foods store before leaving. Laura, who complained the most, didn't want to leave. Jeff surprised us and took us to Dairy Queen.

We the took Laura to buy sneakers. Then we came home!!! I hung out with Laura and Jeff napped with Jason. It was just a very nice family day.

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