A stroll into town

Yesterday was a great day. Laura was excellent going to school. Then I did some work on my computer before Jeff and I took Jason for a walk. The weather was warm so we went into town.

Jason slept happily in his stroller until he was hungry. We sat on a bench as Jeff fed him. Unfortunately, the bench had too much shade and we were cold. However, if Jason was happy, we were.

After he ate, we ate lunch at PJ Ryan's. I had a very delicious roast beef and cheese sandwich with soup. Jeff had the Philly cheesesteak. Jason got lots of attention being the cute little guy that he is.

When we got home, Jeff kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful day. Of course, that made my day in itself. In a lot of ways, I feel like we are still dating with a lot of history. Having Jason has made us even stronger because we work together and have mutual respect for our capabilities.

I felt confident to have Jason stay with me so Jeff could nap. When Laura came home, I helped her with homework and my attendant helped make her lunch. All went smooth and peaceful for the rest of the night. Even Jason slept very well during the night.


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