Gay marriage in America

As a parent, gay marriage brings about many questions. I raise my children with love, respect and boundaries. The basic boundaries of gender and the stability of men and women are now shattering. What do we teach children now? Anything goes.

A few things were pointed out to me yesterday that made complete sense. Our morality is slowly slipping away. Planned Parenthood, a huge organization many people support, is teaching sex education to kindergarten in some states. It is very graphic and with the mindset of it feels good - go for it but be safe. Planned Parenthood also supports if an infant is still alive after an abortion - it is ok to kill the baby. They are hoping that this will soon be law. This organization most people support and agree with!

Many people who support gay marriage bash the heck out of people who do not agree with them. Yet they are the first to cry about animal rights and anti bullying but outcast people with values. I know probably lost friends due to this blog post but I believe other people are out there that feel as I do and need support as well.

I am curious why we have marriage at all? If anyone can marry and there isn't any moral code, why not just get rid of it? Then it's a complete equal field.

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