Monday, March 11, 2013

Laura is growing up

On Friday, I cleaned out my living room closet with Grace, my attendant. One of my favorite things to do is organize. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can look at something and everything has a place.

Laura has been growing lately. She has always been on the small side all of her life. She is six and a half but weighs 39 pounds. Laura is very healthy though and strong. As I cleaned out the closet, I had to donate about 4 of her jackets. I always feel bad doing this since its a sign of her growing up!

Laura came home early because of a half day. She was in an excellent mood. Jeff picked her up and we were still putting together the closet when she walked in the door. Laura immediately got to work without being asked.

She put away toys I found in the closet and bagged jackets for donation. She was very cheerful. For the most part, Laura likes to clean and organize too especially if we all are cleaning too.

Jeff made her lunch and she jumped up to tell him it was delicious. Laura has been a picky eater and getting her to eat used to be a pain. She would only eat rice, pasta, vegetables and fruit. The last week she's been trying new foods and no battles at dinner.

I'm very proud of Laura. She hasn't showed any signs of jealousy. Laura's very attentive to Jason and loves to see him right after school. Jason seems to respond well to her as well. She is going to teach him a lot and look after him.

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