Saturday, March 23, 2013

Legally Blonde at Phoenixville High School

Last night I took Laura to see the musical, Legally Blonde, performed by Phoenixville High School students. As many of you read in another post, my last experience a few weeks ago at the same school different play wasn't so good. So I was curious about this performance.

The high school is literally less than five minutes from our house. I took Laura myself and Jeff stayed with Jason. I knew Legally Blonde would be over Laura's head a bit but she enjoys plays and music.

The experience was so much better than last time. Last time the adult ushers were very rude and had no clue on how to talk to someone with a disability. This time it was student led ushers and they were completely fine. It's kind of sad when I get excited when people treat me normal but that is the way it is.

The show was excellent. There were times when I forgot I was watching a high school performance. Laura loved it and understood the gist of the story. She had to sit on my lap most of the show because she's little but luckily light so it wasn't a problem.

One of the actresses used a wheelchair. Laura pointed her out to me immediately. I was happy to see it because when I grew up, you never saw young actors or actresses in wheelchairs ever.

The lead girl who played Elle did a wonderful job. I hope she goes somewhere with acting and/or singing. Her love interest, Emit, did great as well.

During intermission we sat in the hall so she could eat her snack. I could tell she was tired but was hanging in there. When they sang at the end, Laura had this full of excitement and joy that extended her entire being. It was so cute.

Overall, Phoenixville High School did terrific. If you are in the area, don't miss the performance tonight at 7pm. It's well worth it!


  1. Hi Jessica. I've heard from some parents that the play was inappropriate for a high school and for children to watch. Did you find the content controversial at all?

    1. Yes, I was very surprised about the homosexual influence. Luckily that was over my daughter's head but still didn't like it.