Maple syrup festival

I woke up at 7 with Jeff and Jason.. As Jeff fed Jason, I took a shower. It's amazing how much quicker I am now compared to being pregnant. I'm thankful for this because I feel bad asking for help at all since he has to do all of Jason's physical care.

I'm now able to dress myself a lot easier (except ties, buckles, snaps or zippers.). After I was dressed, Jeff finished feeding and changing Jason, he helped finish getting me ready. I sat with Jason and talked to him, sang to him etc and Jeff got ready.

We went to the Maple Syrup festival in Audubon. Jeff bundled Jason up very well, but we quickly agreed that it was way too cold for anyone of us but especially Jason. Laura would have gotten more out of it. Games, maple syrup tutorials, and crafts are good for Laura but not so much for an infant. So we decided to go to the mall and walk around.

Jason slept the whole time despite everyone commenting on him being adorable. We didn't stay long but had lunch before coming home. When we came home, my mom visited for a few hours. She fed Jason and held him the whole time.

After she left, I took care of Jason who slept most of the time so Jeff could nap. Laura came home from her grandparents and we all hung out together. After Laura went to bed and Jason ate again, Jeff and I hung out and watched Dexter. We are awaiting another feeding before getting some sleep..


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