Parenting with a disability

Being a Mom with a significant disability brings on new dimensions to life. We are very happy being parents. Nothing will ever change that, but it is challenging.

During the first 5 months, honestly, there is not too much I can do for an infant. I can soothe him, hold him in the right position and let others know what I think or feel he needs. Other than that, I give him love, sing to him,read to him and look after him,but Jeff is his primary care giver.

Jeff is doing a great job. Jason is a pretty easy baby but during the night he's up pretty frequently. I wake up too but Jeff is the one who needs to feed him and change him. It's not an easy job.

I have been taking care of Laura primarily and trying to do whatever I can wherever I can. Jason will be a month old on Wednesday. It has been a good month and we realize this infancy stage goes quick. Pretty soon I will be crawling all over the house chasing him.

I'm just thankful to God that Jeff is maintaining patience and taking care of Jason like I would if I could.


  1. Congrats on your new addition. Mine is 2 months old and I know exactly how it is.

  2. Does your husband work from home?


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