Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring break

Laura is officially six and a half, and Jason is one month. They are both beautiful and incredible children. As most parents know, they are always changing too.

On Thursday, Laura had her student led conference (SLC.) Her school has this every end of semester. You go in and talk to her teacher and discuss goals the student wants to accomplish. A few days before they send home the report card so you can read it over and think of any questions.

Laura's report card was excellent. The only negative was that she talks a little much to her best friend when she shouldn't. We talked to Laura about that and she's working on it.

At the meeting, Laura's teacher said that Laura and her friend are well matched. They are both quiet, shy and nice but together they like to chat often. I think it's adorable that her friend is a boy.

Academically Laura is right on and doing very well. Her last goal was time and she succeeded. Her new goal is tie shoes.

Afterwards, we went to lunch and then Target. At the restaurant, I heard a couple behind us comment on that we have our hands full. Jeff does because he has to feed me, Jason and himself. Jason slept the whole time though.

At Target, Laura had a $25 gift card saved from her birthday. Most kids would blow through it but not mine. After extensive looking, she picked a $5 whistle and $1 Hello Kitty activity book. She's frugal and picky with money which is a good trait.

Laura is off from school until April 2. We plan on going swimming, seeing the Easter Bunny, she has a sleepover, and just hanging out. Yesterday Jeff took both kids to the mall so I could grocery shop with Grace.

Laura was so excited to go out with daddy. She said it was an adventure. Then she had karate and the play..

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