Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a day to celebrate Ireland and St. Patrick. When Laura was three, I bought her a Leapster game and made it look like a leprechaun left it for her. I kept the tradition going ever since.

Laura knocked on our bedroom door excitedly in the morning happy that the leprechaun left her a math workbook, T-shirt and a yo yo. It's so cute to see her face so excited and I know these moments of believe won't last forever. I asked her to shower and get ready for her Sunday school class (prep.) She came back all decked out in green.

I went out to the living room and we waited for Jeff to come out. He usually drives her to prep as I take care of Jason. He never came so I went in. Here he had a crazy dream that I told him he didn't need to take her. Jeff quickly got ready and gave me Jason.

Jason and I bonded over music. I also fed him in my own way, but it got the job accomplished. When Jeff returned, I got ready and ate. Before Jason, Jeff and I were hardly late anywhere. We both despise being late. Now since Jason, we are about ten to fifteen minutes late everywhere.

I hate being late but accept we have a new little life and Jeff is only one person. Jeff felt very annoyed by being late to pick up Laura and expressed his frustration. We are going to work on it, and hopefully improve, but hopefully not be too hard on ourselves.

I also feel terrible being dependent and not helping the situation. It's painfully frustrating to see things needing to be done yet can't do them. I try to do everything even skimp on my own care to help move things along.

We picked up Laura and headed straight to Mass. We learned that it was Mission week at our parish with different talks each night until Thursday. Jeff really enjoyed the speaker at Mass. After Mass, he suggested we asked my dad to baby sit Laura so we could go hear the talk. I was more than happy to go.

The rest of the day we cleaned before Jeff's mom came. She visited for a few hours. Jeff made dinner for us and my Dad then Jeff, Jason and I went to church.

Laura was funny at dinner. She informed my Dad that we don't act silly and she has to drink her milk. We are strict!

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