The birth of Jason Alexander - Part 1

My son, Jason,  was born on February 20. I haven't written much about it because it's all pretty emotional with a lot of details. However, now he's sitting right next to me, I feel inspired.

On February 19th, I taught all day. I was a bit sleepy but my student did great and the day was pretty smooth. Laura was in a sweet mood after school. After dinner, I got out of my wheelchair.

Everything was taking longer. I went back to use the bathroom and change to my pjs. I won't lie. It wasn't easy, and I didn't want Jeff to carry me because I really felt terrified of falling.

When I came back to the living room, I hung out a bit and ate some Oreos for a snack before bed. I felt different. I couldn't get comfortable even in bed. I wasn't in pain but just really uncomfortable.

I woke up around 1:30 with a painful crampy pain throughout my pelvis area. I thought I just had to go to the bathroom so I slowly got out of bed and went. The pain remained.

Now this part, looking back on it, I feel rather silly. The pain would stop and start. It was so painful it took my breath away at times yet I denied I was in labor. I went in the living room and read all about contractions and labor. With Laura, I had lots of tightening but not pain. So I guess I thought by researching it, I'd know for sure before a false alarm.

I even drank water that I had out, but my body threw it right back up. The pain pattern seemed to be closer and closer when I read that labor contractions are intense, wrap around the back and don't change in change of position.

I quickly (as I could) crawled to the bedroom and told Jeff it was time. He helped me call my OB. She told us to head for the hospital. Luckily, I packed two days before but Jeff hadn't yet. Jeff woke up Laura who was very sleepy but cooperative.

He changed my clothes and very quickly packed his bag. I tried to help Laura too but the pain was too much so Jeff helped her as well. I believe we left the house around 4:45am.

On the way, Jeff called his dad and I called mine. His dad lives closer to the hospital and could sit with Laura until mine came. Both dads were quite surprised but were on the way. Jeff's Mom was out of town and my mom just had double knee replacements so they were going to not make it.

I remember I kept looking out the window. I asked Jeff to put on music so I could get through the pain, and I tried to talk to Laura on the way. When we got there, a nice nurse escorted us up to maternity.

Once they got me on the bed, they were having a little trouble seeing the contractions because of my cp movements. A very experienced nurse felt my stomach and said my contractions were a minute apart.

Jeff helped me with pain. He rubbed and held my hand. I just focused on him and knew I could do it. My doctor came and felt my cervix and said it was time. She called to get the operation room ready.

The anesthesiologists came in and discussed the spinal. They seemed very eager to help me not need to go under. I could tell they didn't get someone with athetoid cerebral palsy probably ever, but they didn't make me feel bad (like the guy did when I had Laura.)

Before I knew it, Jeff was in his gown outfit ready to go in and I was prepped. I felt scared, excited, and hopeful they could do the spinal. Everyone was serious but cheerful. Now the hard part. Three people, including Jeff, held me as tight as possible while they put the spinal in.

It took three times to get it in. My Ob was in front of me at some point and just spoke very gently but reminding me how strong I was.

The birth of Jason - part 1 


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