Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All night with Jason

I'm becoming increasingly independent with my son. I still can't just pick him up or change diapers but I choose to focus on what I can do for him. He is now seven weeks and is growing quickly.

On Sunday night, Jeff was totally exhausted. He's been doing primarily night and day shift with Jason. He has been working on our house plus working on a business with his father. So I said to him that I'd like to try taking care of Jason Sunday night.

Jeff admitted that he didn't believe I could do it, but didn't tell me that until after the fact. In the living-room he made bed for me and Jason. I am much more independent on the floor than anywhere else. After Jeff changed and swaddled Jason, he laid him down next to me. He also set up four bottles and a pacifier.

Jeff slept on the couch so he was close by. Other than being not great on my body lying on the floor, the night went well. Jason woke every three hours or so. I fed him and soothed him back to sleep. It's the best feeling to be able to comfort your child.

I loved seeing his little expressions and smiles during the night. Swaddling helped tremendously because his flailing arms didn't get in the way of the bottle. By six thirty he was ready to get up and a new diaper.

Jeff said he woke when Jason cried but it was nice not having to get up. He felt proud of me for doing it. Next time I just need to find a more comfortable place to sleep!

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