Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fools Day

I'm searching for a morning person for a few hours a day. I had scheduled 5 people to be interviewed throughout the day. The night before I received two cancellations in email. Then that morning I received an email cancellation and two people didn't show up.

I really felt April Fools Day! I have had a few successful potential workers but none felt exactly the right fit. I did interview one person last week, and we will give it a try

The day wasn't completely wasted. Laura was able to play in the backyard. The weather was very nice until around 3:30 and then turned windy and cold. Jeff took out our deck and backyard furniture. We love spring and summer. We went with Jeff on a few errands and then Target.

Jeff is looking into buying Laura and eventually Jason a new swing set. My dad got Laura's when she was two and its pretty rusty and beat. She basically outgrew it. So we did a little shopping around for that.

When we came home, Jeff made a delicious steak dinner on our grill. Laura and I played imagination games in the living room. I had her put on plays and act out various scenarios. She had fun. If she wasn't so shy, she would be a great actress.

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