Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to the gym

Today is tax day. Our taxes were done awhile ago. We started the day at the YMCA. Jeff and I both used to work out a lot more before Jason. I would always use the hand bike and take Pilates classes.

When I became pregnant, I had pregnancy sickness (morning sickness) and getting sick at the YMCA didn't sound appealing. Plus just moving around, especially as I got bigger was hard enough.

Jeff was diligent about working out. He joined a 24 hour gym, and often went before work. He was in good shape. After Jason came, our life went crazy busy that we didn't get there.

So today we decided to go. At our YMCA they have a child watch for children 6 weeks-8 years. Laura used to go and everyone was nice. Jason handled it great

I did a 45min session on the hand bike. I thought it would be terrible getting back in shape but we did well. Jeff did an hour and felt good.

When we got back, we ate lunch. Then Jeff ran errands and I took care of Jason. He was fussy but I'm mastering my feeding technique so it is improving. When Laura came home, I helped her with homework.

I took a nap before we had dinner. All was good.


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