Back to school tomorrow

When we talked about it weeks ago, spring break sounded like a long time. I thought I'd be happy when school would start again because I thought I'd run out of ideas to keep her busy. Boy, was I wrong!

I can't believe it's over. Sure Laura had moments of being bored but they were quick. She was a HUGE help with Jason.  Whenever she heard him cry, she would come running no matter where she was in the house.

I especially loved the morning when Jeff gives me Jason as he tries to sleep a bit more. I'd have both of my kids all too myself. We'd act silly as we want. Nothing like it! I feel blessed.

Laura and I both set our alarms to 6:30 tomorrow morning. Clothes are picked out, bag is packed and snack is set. I went over the morning routine with Laura before bed. Knowing me, I'll be a little choked up as her bus pulls away in the morning. Yes, I'm pretty much a big melted heart when it comes to my children leaving without me.

Tomorrow I go back to teaching the student who is homeschooled, being Jason's mommy, and Jeff's wife until 3:45 when our family becomes whole again.

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