Bombing in Boston

We are praying for all involved in the bombings at Boston. I have no idea why anyone would even think of doing these things. Why would bombing innocent people even come to mind? It's becoming a scary world but we need to have level heads. Media doesn't help and often gives terrorists fame.

Other people who might want their fame for evil deeds see all the new and those watching it. They probably try to out do each other to capture the worlds attention. I'm not saying to be oblivious to world news but following each second and hearing about it 24/7, I think adds fuel to the fire.

Neither Jeff or I watch the news on a daily basis. We are too busy,but it's annoying too. I read it online. Laura isn't exposed to it but it's amazing how many children are drenched in hearing the news.

We received an email from Laura's teacher to all the parents explaining that they discussed the bombings because children were talking about it. They focused on the good and kept it simple.

That night Laura asked me some tough questions. She asked me why are bombs made? She also asked why would someone do that? I tried to keep it simple. I explained that they made a terrible choice and I don't know why people hurt others. However, we should be very grateful for those who helped each other, and we should pray that others won't make terrible choices.



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