Saturday, April 20, 2013

Family is the best

This morning I woke up about 6:30. I guess it's just habit now between Laura's school and Jason's schedule. I'd imagine I would sleep longer if Jeff was next to me, but he was in Jason's room because it was his turn last night.


I heard Jeff and Jason so I offered to help but Jeff said no need yet. After using the bathroom, I heard my little girl come out of her room. We hung out in the living room and about ten minutes later, Jeff bought Jason out to me.m


Jason slept for 30 minutes and then we played. Laura sang to him and I taught her how to change his clothes. She did awesome. A few weeks ago, I taught her how to change his diaper. This is very helpful having her help me once in awhile.


Jason fell asleep around 9:30 so I quick took a shower. I get around on the floor better and thankfully my shower controls are lower. I love this independence. Jeff woke up and took over so I got ready.


After breakfast, we all cleaned because Jeff was assisting my brother in law to pick up a heavy kiln for my sister. My sister hung out with me and the kids. We had fun. We did crafts and played Scrabble Jr.


When they returned, we ate a late lunch and hung out. Jeff did housework as I took care of Jason after they left. Now we are all calm and relaxing (or writing.)


Days like these remind you what family is all about. Working as a team, loving each other, having fun and enjoying time together.


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