Is it colic?

Jason has been fussy. His symptoms seem to have gotten worse since Saturday, and we are trying our best to keep this little guy happy. We tend to think he has colic but we are going to take him to the doctor to find out tomorrow.

Jason has always had belly issues with gas and hiccups. They never seemed to bother him like recently. He cries often. Jason will relax and calmly enjoy life but about 5-10min later, he cries all over again. We feel so bad.

One thing that calms him is when he hangs out with me in the nu ru shirt or in the baby carrier. I enjoy holding him and feeling his little body on mine. Plus I kiss him about 100 times!!

We tried gripe water and sensitive formula, but none has seemed to really do the trick. We know they tend to outgrow colic at 3-4 months but we are hoping to help him out sooner.

Any advice?


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