Jake's, Zerns and finding his tongue

Today Jeff and I went to Jake's Flea Market and then Zerns Farmers Market. I never been to Jake's but I have been to Zerns many times. As a little girl, I remember being pushed in my wheelchair around the indoor and outdoor flea market. My mom,grandmother, brother, sister, aunt and my cousins would all go.

After I got my motorized chair, I liked strolling around. My mom would usually buy me something small like a Cabbage Patch figurine. I remember buying the Bruce Springsteen tape Born in the USA and playing it repeatedly. The ice cream was also always delicious. The funny thing is the trip always seemed so far and I'd fall asleep going there and coming home. However, it's not that far at all.

Jake's was fun but not enough tables out yet. Jeff and I figured that it was still early in the season. But we both had fun walking around both Zerns and Jake's. We didn't buy one thing.

Jason was an angel. He mainly slept mixed in with some eating. Laura stayed with my Dads because they were going to playgrounds all day. We stopped at a diner on our way home and hung out in the afternoon with Jason and catching up on TV shows.

Jason discovered his tongue. He knows he can control it and move it. We played tongue in and out. Jeff played with him as well. Toward the end of the night, I felt a cold coming on. I was sneezing and just felt icky. I took some night medicine and slept pretty ok.



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