Laura can tie her shoes

Laura has learned how to tie her shoes! On Saturday evening, Laura and Jeff were practicing tying shoes. Tying shoes has been a goal for Laura so she needed to practice. Jeff said that he was helping her do the first steps when all of a sudden she just finished all on her own.

Laura and I have always learned in similar ways. Once something clicks, we get it and just master the skill. I learned like that and it's interesting to see her do the same.

I was working on my computer when she came running in very excited. She was using one of my shoes and said, "Mommy, I can tie!" Sure enough, she sat down and started to tie. I felt so proud of my daughter! The look on her face was beaming with joy and self confidence. It was the best smile ever.

Jeff and I told her that we would buy her sneakers that tie. The next day when we looked to buy them we quickly noticed that Kmart had zero tie shoes in her size. Payless only had one pair and ended up buying them even though they were over priced! I guess fewer are being bought because velcro straps are so much easier.

Later that day we went to my sister's fortieth birthday party and Laura showed everyone her new found skill. Her teacher was happy too on Monday!


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