Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nu Roo Shirt

Holding Jason is becoming easier due to to his size and my confidence level. I can now hold him while I sit on the recliner. He isn't as fragile as he used to be. I'm still surprised that Jason is almost twelve pounds! Laura didn't reach twelve pounds until maybe four months old.
After Jason was born, Jeff felt terrible that I couldn't hold him alone. He did extensive research and found the NuRoo shirt. It's a shirt that allows the baby to be up against the mother without needing the ability to hold them. On the way home from the hospital, we stopped at Babies R Us to purchase one.
The NuRoo shirts aren't cheap but worth it. Jason fit right in and we both fell asleep. Don't worry I wasn't lying down. It felt like Heaven to feel his tiny precious body up against mine. His breathing was steady and he was obviously quite content.
The only drawback is you need to be topless to wear the shirt. So it's best if I wear it at home so Jason can come out easily when we both need it. He can be in the shirt until he weighs fifteen pounds. They say sixty minutes a day is good to promote a healthy baby.
I'd recommend this shirt to mothers with and without disabilities. I feel sad that the time is almost running out for me to hold him in it, but I'm grateful Jeff found it so we could use it at all.


  1. That momma and baby time is so special! I am so happy that your hubby found it and you get to have that experience, intimately, just you and your little boy Jess! <3

  2. Thank you so much for this recommendation!

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