Sealants and Sonic

Yesterday Jeff and I relaxed a little in the morning before we cut coupons. We played with Jason. He is six weeks old. Jason is a lot more alert, and he gives me wonderful smiles. I love hearing him coo and make noises.

I still can't do lots physically, but I try my best. The absolute worst feeling is hearing him cry with his sad little face and not being able to pick him up. But I try to sing, shhhh and distract. It works sometimes!

We picked Laura up from school a little early so she could go get sealants. Sealants protect the teeth from cavities. I enjoyed seeing her and getting her early. The sealants took about five to ten minutes.

On our way home, we stopped at Sonic to get a bite to eat. When Laura was two, my friend and i always ate at Sonic after Laura's music class. We had lots of laughs, and I miss her now that she is in a different state. Luckily, we are still connected by Facebook and texting.

When we were at home, I took care of Jason with Grace and Laura so Jeff could nap.

When helping Laura with her homework, I was surprised to see she is learning fractions. It's still pretty early on but she knows them pretty well!


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