The calm after the storm

A baby changes everything in your life. In our situation, Jason is really our first baby. When I met Jeff Laura was two years old and already had a good foundation. There's a huge difference between a very independent two year old and an infant.

Having Jason has made us closer. However, lack of sleep, added stress, added business and added work pushed us apart. The children were first, our jobs second and our relationship last. A successful happy marriage doesn't last too long with that formula.

After some not so pretty arguments, we realized that without a strong marriage everything suffers. We started two weeks ago when my mom babysat and we went to a dinner and movie. We felt a little ashamed that we were waiting for her with our jackets on. It was a great start though of finding us.

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster for us. When we fix one issue another weed springs up in our beautiful garden. I know we are both are perfectionists with our house, work, and making sure our kids are taken care of. Our house can look very good to most people but bother us.

We decided to shift our perspective. Our marriage first, children and work. It's not easy to do, but we need to know that our marriage will whither without attention. Everyone will get hurt in that. So hopefully and with prayer, we can stick to it.


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