Time with Laura

Laura never ceases to amaze me. I know I always talk about how smart she is but its true. However, Laura's short term memory needs improving. She can be told to do two things and will forget.

Last week I made her a morning and afternoon to do list. She enjoys reading it and getting her stuff accomplished. I don't have to worry so much about if its done. To my great surprise, it has worked better than expected. Even when she gets up early,she finishes her list before playing.

On Wednesday, Jeff took Jason after lunch so I could work with Grace on cleaning Jason's room. It needed some TLC and organization. Then we picked up Laura from school and Laura and I played outside. When Jeff and Jason came home, Jeff cooked a steak dinner. Very nice!

That evening I was working on my computer in our bedroom when Laura came in with s'mores! She wanted to hear stories about Israel (she loves that!) Then she wanted to share spooky stories so we did. We laughed and laughed!

Any time I can spend with Laura is so precious. She's in school until almost 4 and bed at 8. Those 4 hours go too quick between dinner, getting her ready for the next day, Jason and other evening tasks.

A few mornings ago, she asked me about hair. She wondered how it came in the scalp and out if hair is dead. Jeff's brother shaves his head - something that always perplexed Laura. She said, "I wonder if Kenny's scalp holes are clogged?!" I cracked up inside when I tried again to explain he does it by choice. Her eyes glazed over.




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