Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not too bad but shame on STS Tires

Do you believe that my van air conditioner only cost $270 compared to STS that charged $1000??? It's still a lot of money but luckily not $1,000 worth.

After getting my van, I went grocery shopping and ran some errands. We switched back to Verizon today as well because we like it better and more cost effective. All they need is a bigger DVR.

I cleaned out my living room closet and Jeff threw some stuff out in the basement.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vans and ice cream

I went to STS tires to get my ac looked at. It seemed like it took forever. It actually did - almost two hours. Jason was unusually fussy but he did ok there.  I was hoping it would be an easy fix or a part that was still under warranty - nope! It has to do with a whole bunch of nonsense I know absolutely nothing about!

I just made it to physical therapy, then needed to refill a prescription and then lunch!! I was hungry.  Jason was very good the remainder of the afternoon. 

Jeff took my van to the shop where I normally get it fixed and we shall see. After Laura and I did her homework, I asked her what she wanted to be and her response was - she wants to be either a zookeeper or an ice cream taster. Sounds good to me, but she isn't that big on ice cream!!!

Three months.

Jason is well on his third month. He is quite the most adorable little baby boy, but I know I'm biased being his mother. His smile can make the worst day into a happy one. 

At three months, Jason is very aware of everything. He listens to conversations and tries to follow what you are saying. He babbles, coos and laughs. I even heard him laugh in his sleep. 

Some people who don't know me very well have commented that they worry that Jason and I aren't bonding. Like the only way you can possibly bond with your baby is by holding them?!? Jason and I bond just fine. 

On a normal day, I'm with Jason over ninety percent of the time. We stare into each other's eyes, read, play and smile. I am now the main feeder until Jeff takes over at four. Jason knows exactly who I am, and that I'd die for him! 

Jason is sleeping about six hour stretches at night. I no longer do night duty because he sleeps so much better, and Jeff does a better job at it.  I get him about 6:30 or whenever he wakes past 6. His morning smiles are the best. 

We know Jason will be an early talker.  He's already says "MA" when he's upset and looks right at me.   Jason also says "a goo" after he sneezes which we translate to "bless you!"

It's fun to watch him grow. Time is now going too fast and he's doing new things daily.

Monday, May 27, 2013

YMCA changed the rules

Today is Memorial Day. I hung out with Laura and Jason in the morning. I love hanging out with both of them. Jason always smiles at Laura. It's awesome to witness their bond.

I had help today only for a few hours. Jeff took Laura to get her swim test at the YMCA. Laura's an excellent swimmer but they changed the rules and now only will allow a child swim alone starting at age 7!! This is extremely frustrating because we work so hard to get her here and they switched the rules.

I can't go in the pool with her so it really cuts into her independence and mine. I'm hoping they change it back but probably won't.

The rest of the day was full of bike riding, playing outside, hanging out, visiting with Jeff's dad and eating outside.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New outdoor set

Jeff and I went out in search of a new picnic table. It was supposed to be Laura's field day but it was canceled due to rain. We ended up going to a few different places but found the one we wanted at Kmart.

It's similar to the one we ha but more of an octagon shape. The chairs are nice because they can get wet and it won't ruin anything.

Jeff's mom visited us at 3. She played with Laura and Jason. Laura helped Jeff set up and put together the new dining set. Another annoying thing about CP - cannot help in putting stuff together but I want too!!!

I was in charge of Jason as they set it up. It took about 2 hours! Jeff got us dinner and we used our lovely set!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art show

Today I went to physical therapy and even though it was a great session, the problem still exists. My neck feels better, but I still wake up in the middle of the night with a sharp tingling in my thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

They thought it was from my neck but now unsure. I just hope it is figured out soon because it's very uncomfortable.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping. I did really well with deals and coupons. I saved $69 and got a lot of food. I was impressed with myself.

We came home and put everything away. I wasn't so happy because I discovered that my air conditioning in my van stopped working. The same air conditioning that I had fixed a year ago for a lot of money. Tomorrow I will take it to the place and see what they will do.

My dad and I took Laura to her school art show. Jeff and Jason stayed home because we knew that it was going to be crowded. Jason has a hard time at night also.

Laura loves art! She had a wonderful time just showing us everything even not her stuff. I definitely think she is going to have some type of career in art and math.

Laura has done excellent in school this year. I'm beyond proud of her. She is reading at the second grade level and knows much more than I ever did in Kindergarten. I also love how social she became. Whenever we attend school functions, all we hear are little voices saying "Hi Laura!!"


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I like to bottle feed

I'm unable to hold and feed Jason at the same time. Here is my advice to someone with motor control issues and anyone really who feeds a baby.

I know it's hard, but I like to be in the moment. Before long, he will be feeding himself a bottle. So I take a deep breath and focus on him.

I sit the dreaded "W" position on his left side. I balance the bottle in between my thumb and hand. He lays on the floor. Once he grabs on with his mouth, I try not to think. When I think, I move.

We lock eyes and the background melts away unless Laura is with me. I love how we stare at each other. He knows I love him. If I relax enough, I can tell him that but sometimes the more I talk, the more I move.

He gets frustrated when I drop the bottle, but I just pick it up again and carry on.  We found the Dr.Brown bottles work the best with Gerber Soothe formula.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Conversations from Heaven

Last night as Laura was helping feeding Jason, she bought up the subject of Israel. Whenever she brings him up, I always get a lump in my throat. I always feel bad for her because its a whole I just can't fulfill.

The conversation came up because she asked why was she the only one with blond hair in the family. I gently explained that Israel had blond hair and she got that trait from him. Then she inquired that Jason was Israel's son even if he was in Heaven.

Big sigh.

Without getting into all the technicalities, I explained that me and Israel created her and me and Jeff created Jason. I said that they are brother and sister always because I'm both their mommy. Then it really hurt my heart for her.

Laura started to cry and asked me to stop talking about her father. She said it hurt so much. Then she told me that she told her friends at school that her dad took too much medicine and died. At first, I thought I'd be receiving phone calls about Jeff dying!! But, of course, she accurately explained that it was her first Dad and not her second.

I hope the other parents won't be upset when the kids tell them how he died. I always believed in being honest with her to her understanding. She doesn't know he did it on purpose though, but I know that will come soon enough.


A day in the life....

Day 15 - what is a typical day like

A typical day is ever changing but I will give it a try.

I help Laura get off to school happily. Everyday I tell her I love her and to do her best. I take care of Jason - all the normal stuff bathing, dressing, feeding, playing. Then I get ready. After that it all depends. It could be physical therapy, work out at the YMCA, working on the house, coupon organization, laundry or shopping. After lunch, time goes really fast between cleaning, Jason, writing. Jeff gets Laura home a little before 4. Then it's homework time, playtime and dinner time. After dinner, I work on blogs, updating web sites and any other work I need to do. I spend time with Laura before her bed time and then I spend time with Jeff and Jason. I go to bed around 11 then do it all again.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bad morning, good day

I woke up with a pretty bad headache only to find out that Jennifer (my new attendant ) wouldn't be in because her car broke down. As I was figuring out my schedule, I lost track of time and Laura almost missed the bus. She did not though.

Luckily, my back up attendant was able to come in at noon. Jeff could help with Jason until then and we tagged teamed. It's always highly stressful when an attendant calls out even though we act calm and cool about it. It's a major disruption and lots to figure out.

Thank God my back up is usually and eagerly ready to help!

The rest of the day I worked on my coupon binder, cleaned and took care of Laura and Jason.


Yes! Happiness!

Day 14 - ten things that make you happy

1. When I see someone really try to understand and love my kids instead of brushing them off.

2. Cool nights that mean cuddling on the couch watching some good shows.

3. Excellent food. I enjoy eating and trying new places/food to eat.

4. Going out with my husband.

5. Teaching anyone and on any subject.

6. Having true friends that accept you for you no matter what even if you disagree.

7. The sound of happiness - laughing, talking, getting along, playing etc.

8. Routine and productivity. I like working and organization.

9. Being around family and friends.

10. Going places.


Rich moms hire handicapped tour guides to get through Disney

Seriously. Rich mothers hired people with disabilities to take them to a line to get through lines faster. I think this is so wrong on multiple levels.

Yes, it's very nice to be able to have a separate line when you are in a wheelchair. Why? Believe it or not, it's hard to wait in line with a bunch of people hitting your chair and regulating the speed of your chair so you don't hit into anybody. It's very crowded and a wheelchair takes up a lot of space. Imagine our family alone - a wheelchair, a stroller, a 6 year old and a husband.


Sitting in intense heat isn't good for those with some disabilities. It can be downright life threatening. Having a different access for people with disabilities is also good for more room to transfer in and out of a wheelchair.

Many people are jealous we have separate lines, but what they don't realize is how difficult things are behind the scenes. Being taken care of, taking care of the kids and maneuvering a wheelchair with large amount of people aren't easy tasks. I'd gladly stand in line if that meant I could walk.

The people who were paid to do this are at fault too. They allowed people to abuse the system and possibly ruin the system for others that actually need it.

Read the article for more information.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Dogwood fair first night

Today I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, took care of Jason. We took Laura to the Dogwood Fair. It was bracelet night and freezing!!! It was so crowded that I found it hard to maneuver my wheelchair. By the end of the night, we were all freezing but Laura had fun. My dad took Laura and Zef around on rides because it was so crowded. Jeff, Jason and I listened to a girl sing.


I'm sorry I'm not consistent

Day 13 public apology

Dear readers,

I am very sorry when I go a day or even a week without writing anything. I realize blogging is supposed to be a daily occurrence. I envy the bloggers that can do that. Like my friend, Kate, who is an amazing mother who is grieving her son and can blog beautifully daily. She's my inspiration on so many levels.

I like to blog but sometimes I'm so tired at the end of the day that I just can't. Often a blog can take me all day between Jason napping, Jason being content, taking care of Laura and sending time with Jeff. So thank you for holding on and reading if I blog daily, weekly or monthly. I appreciate you!!!




Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day is a very special day to celebrate all Moms out there. Without Moms, there wouldn't be life. Besides who would find things we lose all of the time?

Jeff, Laura and Jason took this day very seriously. All week they were whispering and having secret meetings. On Saturday, Jeff and Laura went shopping for this day. Laura was very excited.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to sleep in, but Jeff takes the night shift with Jason so it's only fair I have mornings. I figure I will most likely be up between 6-6:30 until Jason is two 7 days a week. It wouldn't be so bad if I would go to bed at a decent time instead of hanging out with my gorgeous husband.

But anyway. Jason and I were up at 6:30 and then Laura came out about an hour later. She looked so cute with messy hair and sleepy eyes. She immediately wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Then expressed how excited she was for what they planned. Laura even lost a tooth.

Laura hugged and kissed me all day. Jason seemed extra good in the morning and filled with smiles.

Around noon, we all went to Julie's house for a delicious brunch. We saw my mom too. Jeff told me we had to leave by 3 so they could do my surprise.

When we came home, Jeff told me to take a nap. It took some time for me to unwind but I did fall asleep on the couch. I tried not to listen in the kitchen, but I could tell they were cooking away and Laura was doing a lot of the work. She even had her apron on.

After almost two hours, Jeff put me back in my wheelchair. They had me go out in the kitchen first. Jeff and Laura made me my favorite meal - chicken Parmesan, spaghetti and spinach. It was delicious!!

Laura made me homemade cards and hearts. She also gave me a box of chocolates. Laura was very proud that she cooked me dinner.

After dinner was part two. They asked me to pick a movie and I picked the Muppets great movie caper. Then as the movie began. Jeff bought out dessert - chocolate s'mores pop corn! Laura told me it was fun to make.

To top everything off, after I went to bed, I heard Jeff cleaning the house. He also cleaned our bedroom closet. I also appreciated hearing all his comments about me being a good mom and he told me to take the day off from parenting (an impossible task.)


A very nice Mother's Day indeed!!!


42 and Reading Phillies

On Fridays, Jeff and I are lucky enough to be able to sneak out for a few hours for just us time. Jason has a great sitter and it's nice to have couple time. Before Jason, our date nights were filled with dancing. After Jason, they are a few hours of a movie and Target or Walmart.

This past Friday we saw the movie 42. It is about Jackie Robinson. Racial discrimination is so ridiculous. It shouldn't matter the color of skin but who the person is inside.

As I was watching the movie, I couldn't help but think about my own problems with discrimination. When I was put in regular classes for the first time everyone treated me like I was an outcast. I was teased and put in the back of the classroom. The teacher hardly acknowledged me.

Now I'm a teacher and can't seem to get a job teaching at a school. Granted I haven't tried in some years due to children and burnt out from rejection. When I was actively trying, it was more than obvious I wasn't hired due to CP.

I easily related to Jackie Robinson and his drive. Thank goodness he didn't give in or give up. The movie was good but slow in parts.

That evening Jeff took us to Reading Phillies. We managed fine with a few bumps. I wore my tray to carry our food but my elbows and ribs took a beating. During the fourth inning, I took Laura to the shop to buy something and as we finished, I saw a wave of people scattering about.

Unfortunately, it started raining. Then we saw lightning and it was time to get out. We all enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to fireworks, but it stormed instead. We were all wet, but kept positive attitudes. I was impressed by Jeff's driving because it was really coming down hard.


What I miss

Day 12 blog challenge what do you miss?

I miss a few moments in life, but wouldn't change anything because I wouldn't have two beautiful children and possibly Jeff.

I do miss college days. It felt very free and fun. My best friend lived next door. We were practically inseparable. Everything was pretty much accessible, and besides studying, life was carefree. I laughed so much!!

I miss the period of time when I was learning how to be independent after Israel had died. I had terrific friends that supported me and had fun all at the same time. Life wasn't always easy, but overcoming challenges made me a better person. We have thousands of memories and laughter.

I miss date nights with Jeff when we would dance. We met some crazy people but really fell in love. I also miss sleeping in together and just doing whatever we felt like. I know these will happen again when the kids are older.

I miss when Laura was in pre school and before when I took her to swim classes and watched her swimming develop.

Even though it was stressful, I miss mommy and Laura days. These were when an attendant would call off unexpectedly and I had to make the day work. Laura loved these days too.

But I realize life has many more memories to make.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here is Jessica

Day 11 sell yourself in ten words or less

I'm a motivated, smart, efficient, caring woman who enjoys work.

Eleven years....

I feel old. Today would have been my 11 year wedding anniversary to Israel. I remember the day pretty much in detail. It certainly doesn't feel like 11 years.

One thing that sticks out in my mind is how beautiful the weather was that day. It was sunny and about 80 degrees. I woke up at 5:30 and called Israel. He was awake too. I think we just reviewed our plans and shared the excitement. 

I went to my sister's house for hair, make up and change into my dress. She bought pastries and juice to try to keep me eating. The photographer came to do pictures.

As I drove out to leave for the church, there was a white Rolls Royce waiting for me. Another surprise from Julie and Hersjel. My parents drove with me and Hersjel drove my wheelchair to the church. I replayed the scene when my parents drove me to Israel's funeral five years later.

Another memory I will not forget is waiting at the house next to the church and hear the cantor sing "The Wedding Song." The words meant so much to me. I felt overwhelmed with excitement, love, fear, and an unexplainable sadness that I had to fight tears. (This became significant to me before marrying Jeff. I felt only joy and love.) Ironically, I think Israel played that song for me today. It came on this morning - not an overly heard song on music stations.

I won't bore you with all the details, but those stand out the most this year in my memory. A lot has happened in eleven years - Laura was born, Israel died, I remarried and now Jason is with us. Life is full of the unexpected. Buckle up!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Random thoughts about Parenthood

Being a parent is truly a unique experience. It's about giving your entire self to someone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If your child needs you, you need to be present.

The warm smiles of a baby to the adorable conversations of a child are your reward. Knowing that you are directly shaping a future of an adult is awesome. All our memories of childhood are now in the making of our children now. We are creators. God and the child themselves obviously hold their fate too but parents are truly responsible.

Watch how you speak and act to your child. Memories are in the making each second they breathe. Is it worth it to be angry or selfish? Is it really going to matter in five minutes? Think.

Most embarrassing moment

Blog challenge day 10 most embarrassing moment

I'm full of embarrassing moments. I don't think I can pick just one. I've been sick to the stomach in a whole bunch of not ideal places - airplanes, parades, stores, church, restaurants and even church. In my defense, it was pregnancy or migraine related.

In college, my shoe fell off in an elevator and I had to ask a random guy to put it on. I lost my shoe in the middle of the street and in a snow bank.

I had a spasm and punched a van driver in the crotch (he was cute too.) I called a date by the wrong name. I've sent wrong emails and texts to people.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Day 8 challenge trust your instincts

Trusting instincts is definitely a good thing. Your instincts rarely fail you. Even if what they tell you aren't what you want to hear, believe them. They might seem silly to you but they are saying something you should pay attention to,


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sinus infection AGAIN!

Since I clearly was not improving, I made an appointment for the doctor. My nose wasn't clearing no matter what I did and I was exhausted constantly. Jennifer came in and we did the morning routine. I was very impressed on how much she remembered.

Jeff stayed home with Jason. Jennifer felt a little nervous driving my van. Most people are nervous about driving it for the first time. She did fine. I almost 'hate' going to my doctors because it seems like I'm there all of the time.

Jennifer got a kick out of me knowing everyone. The doctor did an exam and quickly concluded that I had a sinus infection.

Afterwards, we went to King of Prussia Mall so I could return some skirts I got Laura online. I bought a cute summer top for myself at Sears then went to Walmart. Before home, we picked up my antibiotic.

By night time I felt so much better! Hopefully I'm good until next fall and can stay healthy.

Most afraid

Day 7 of blogger challenge - things I'm most afraid of

  1. Losing someone I love
  2. Failing as a wife and mom
  3. Disappointing God
  4. Being abused
  5. My kids being abused
  6. Car or plane crash
  7. No motorized wheelchair
  8. Dying in fire or violent way
  9. Kidnapping in any form
  10. Thunderstorms
  11. Tornadoes
  12. Hurricanes
  13. Big insects
  14. Insects with lots of legs
  15. Cancer
  16. Drunk people
  17. Hurting my one good arm
  18. Losing any independence
  19. Adultery
  20. Being stuck in one position
  21. Being alone
  22. Being stuck in an institution and no one taking good care of me

Monday, May 6, 2013

What do I do?

Day 6 of blogger challenge: what do you do?

In this challenge we are supposed to write about what we do. I'm first and most importantly a wife and mother of two. I take motherhood very seriously. It's a 24/7 job. But technically my hours are 6am-5pm and then Jeff takes care of Jason, but Laura I work 6:30a-7:15a and 4p-8p however very soon she will also be all day.

In between those hours, I am a house manager and house shopper. I'm a blogger, author, hockey player, dancer, daughter, aunt, sister, disability advocate, web designer, administrative assistant and bookkeeper. I'm also a teacher. I'm a pet owner of 5.

You would think with this I'd be a millionaire. Not quite. Pay is very little but rewards are HUGE!!

A new attendant

I have had a lot of great attendants since 2002. I've had more good ones than bad. Most have worked for a number of years and even after they move on, become lifetime friends.

Attendants equal independence to someone with a physical disability. They become our hands and legs. It's a very important job to be able to give someone freedom.

Today a new attendant started working for me. After over a month of searching for the right fit, I found her. Her name is Jennifer.

The first day for the employer and employee is stressful. You think it'll work out and hope it will, but you never know. Laura stayed home from school recovering from an ear infection. I think she also wanted to check out who Jennifer was too.

To much of my happiness, it worked out just fine. Jeff had the freedom to go work where he needed knowing that Jason and I were fine. I admit it felt wonderful to not rely on him for things and get the house back in order to my standards.

I'm a very active woman so it's important to me to find someone with the same energy level. She does. All week we were busy! And of course, we bonded to Jason pretty quick but that's not too hard to do.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back home

We left the hotel around 10:45. I was very pleased with their accessibility. The shower was great. It was a roll in but I don't roll in with a wheelchair. I crawl in and shower on the floor.

I fell asleep on and off again on the way home. I know that what I have is much more than a cold. I'm guessing another sinus infection. Something I could certainly live without. My nose is just so stuffy, I'm tired, and just feel like my body is housing a shell of me. Ugh!

When we got home, Jeff ran in the house and grabbed formula we needed to return to Target. We did just that. Jason was irritable and Jeff felt frustrated. At moments like these, I feel the most "disabled" because physically I can't help! Jeff snapped at me but then apologized and gave me a hug.

At home, we started to plan for the week ahead. I felt nervous because on Monday I have a new attendant starting. The first day is much like a first date. You never know how it will work out!!

My dad dropped Laura off and I had a feeling I'd keep her home on Monday to recover. Her ear infection was pretty bad.



Dear Jeff

Day 5 of blogging in May challenge - profess your love to someone

Dear Jeff,

Although this might totally embarrass you, I have to do it to keep up the challenge. I could write our children, but without you, our family wouldn't be complete. So it's all you. I'll try to keep it not overly mushy or embarrassing.

I love you. Those words are said by people without any meaning or feeling behind them. Well, let me tell you that I mean them completely. Of course I love you because I have feelings for you but it goes more than that. I choose you.

I love how hard you try at our relationship, the relationship with the kids, your work and around the house. You consider yourself lazy but you aren't. You are one of the hardest working people I know.

I love all the little things that you might find insignificant. I like when you buy me random things just to make me happy. For example, when you buy me slurpees, lunch, a card or just something I need is just nice.

The best times are when we sit on the couch, holding hands and all is calm. I love you for many more reasons, but I don't want to go on forever. Thank you for being my husband and not giving up.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Abilities Expo

So after Laura left and it was decided to let my Dad keep her, Jeff quickly packed up the van. Jason slept all the way there. I slept as well because i wasn't feeling great. We arrived at the Abilities Expo by 12:30.

The parking lot was packed with wheelchair accessible vans. We parked and went in. After a quick registration process, we started to walk around. I personally have never seen as many people in wheelchairs. It was very cool.

We saw many great vans with all kinds of bells and whistles. We could dream, right? So many neat wheelchairs, wheelchair seating systems, hoyer lifts, walkers, pediatric seating, bags, and all kinds of mobility equipment.

Our highlights were seeing a walker for an adult with cerebral palsy, the Honda van, a neat seat (very expensive) and the all terrain wheelchairs. Jeff and I listened to a seminar on traveling with a disability,but we knew a lot on that subject.

I got to see the girl from Push Girls dance. Her name is Auti Angel. That was pretty cool because I watched that all last summer.

Jason slept most right through the whole event. I enjoyed it but wish I felt a bit better. We left around four to the Red Roof hotel. It was a very nice accessible room. We thought we were getting double beds but we got a king bed. We were happy with that.

We all rested. Jason seemed fussy again. We figured out we mixed formula together and he wasn't a fan of that. Jeff and I felt bad each time he cried since we were in a hotel and didn't want to disturb others.

So after eating so-so pizza from Pizza Hut (which we normally love,) we went to Walmart and Target to buy the right stuff. We all went to bed around 11.

My dad texted me throughout the day to tell me Laura was feeling much better!


To love another person

Day 4 of blogging challenge - favorite quote

"To love another person is to see the face of God." Victor Hugo

God is love. So when we show or give love to someone else is seeing God. I think most people are loving but fight against it. I think it's a lot harder to be mean than loving. I find that true for me anyway. However, it does seem easy for some people to be mean.

Ear infection

Today seemed like a long day! I took Jason at night because Jeff was driving to New Jersey, walking around the expo, taking care of Jason and I. Jason wasn't having it. He cried and cried lots of the night. I wasn't at my best because I was still sick and that made me tired.

No one had a good sleep unfortunately. We went on as normal though. I tiredly took a shower and when I came in my bedroom - I heard my computer chime and saw my dad texted me. He said Laura had a fever and was crying that her ear hurt.

I immediately wanted to cancel the trip. As a Mom, when you have a sick child, your world stops. All you want to do is make the child better. I looked up Urgent Care and they took her insurance.

My Dad picked me up and drove us to Urgent Care. Jeff took care of Jason. When I first saw Laura, I knew in a second she was pretty sick. She ran up to me and buried her head in my lap crying. My dad said she woke up at 2am crying very softly calling my name. Hearing that sprung tears to my eyes.

Urgent care was very good. Laura wanted me to carry in, was whimpering, and holding her ear. She did, in fact, have an ear infection. They gave me a script for antibiotic for Laura.

We went to Walgreens to pick up her prescription. Laura fell asleep so I just went in myself. My dad was skeptical I could do it myself but I did. Walgreens has my credit card on file and I can grab the Motrin with my left hand. I was out in no time with antibiotic and Motrin.

When I came out, my dad expressed again how proud he was of Laura. She woke up, said she was going to get sick, opened the door and did it outside. She didn't want to make a mess in the van

On Monday, I kept her home because she wasn't quite acting herself. She went back on Tuesday.


Friday, May 3, 2013

First Friday and Iron Man 3

Today Jeff and I got to see Iron Man 3. I really enjoy the Iron Man series. I think the main character is hilarious and so unexpected. It was a good movie.

Afterwards we went to Walmart to buy Jason socks. I also got really pretty bras. Sometimes we get wrapped up in our lives that we forget the essentials of life.

When we got home, we finished packing for the Abilities Expo. My dad picked Laura up from Karate for the weekend. Jeff and I took Jason to First Friday in Phoenixville. My Dad texted me that Laura wasn't feeling too good but seemed ok enough to stay.

We listened to the band and then went home to relax.


Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3 - write about things that make me uncomfortable

1. Drunk people - I don't like being around drunk people because I never know what they will do.

2. Angry people - Never know what they will do or say.

3. Highly emotional people

4. Being cold - Makes my muscles stiff.

5. Flying - I'm afraid of crashing.

6. Confrontation

7. People that are not nice and disrespectful to children.

8. Tense situations

9. Funerals

10. People that assume they know about cerebral palsy when they don't.

11. Inappropriate cursing or sex scenes in movies and TV shows.

12. Cursing

13. Bad driving

14. Thunderstorms

15. Small spaces

16. Impatient people


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Organized kids

Day 2: Educate others about something you're good at doing

I love my job of motherhood. I feel I'm good at keeping things organized in their life. When Laura was young and now with Jason, I organized their outfits. This way no matter who dresses them will have a matching outfit ready to wear.

When Laura was in pre school, I had her school clothes for the week set out by day. I often would do it with her so she had a choice. Children feel more in control when having options.

Now in kindergarten, Laura has a morning and afternoon routine on the refrigerator. She knows what is expected of her and what to do. She always lays out her clothes the night before. We do everything possible to reduce chaos. Routines takes some stress away of a situation.

Highlights and therapy

Today I walked to physical therapy. I enjoyed the walk because everything looks so beautiful. Spring is my favorite season. Everything comes out alive and pretty. It was a nice walk.

Therapy is working I think. My fingers still go numb and tingle though. However, my neck and back aren't quite as sore. I find it interesting how intrigued my therapist is that I have two kids. I guess it might be rare but CP doesn't mean you can't have children.

Afterwards I got my hair trimmed. Jeff and I didn't quite like how they did it so I went somewhere else. Jeff dropped me off and I had it highlighted. I was happy Jeff didn't see me getting my hair highlighted but he snuck in. Ugh!!! I looked like an alien.

The hairdresser was great. She worked with me and I bent over the sink instead of tilting back. It turned out great.

We went home, ate lunch and played with Jason. When Laura came home, we played with Laura and read books.


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